Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cool website :D

Recently saw a cool website links from piu piu wan share to's really cool!! :D u can create ur own rojak song by drag the different character that u can choose and compose to ur own song :p

Monday, October 26, 2009

Thursday, September 24, 2009

motion graphic - lowerthird & corner bug practice

class practicefor motion graphic.
lowerthird and corner bug... =) it's just an idea....haha

Monday, August 3, 2009

Field Trip to PetroSains..

well this is the 1st times i went to petrosains for field trip. We were late because it's raining day and traffic jam because of no reason!!!!

Before we go in we get our ticket and attendence from lecturer .Beside that we also need to pick our "lucky draw" which is our own report title for this field trip.we're required to write on our blog to share about the title.I got this power + representation.

We start to explore around.....but 1st we need to ride on a DARK RIDE which is something like a transport that bring us to the journey of the petrosains. It's was cool ! because we're in darkness and the dark ride will lead us to looked and listen to the sound. it's like a introduction before we really go into in.

oh! because i'm late so i missed an event which going on before that grrrr =.=''' I love the way petrosains devided to section, where it's really like a journey u can look and explore around u like... too bad i forgot to bring around my DSLR to take picture...

after the dark ride we come to a section where i can see how a Tornado's was cool...and also the electric inside a glass tube when you put ur hand on the glass the enery will around your's really make me feel like got super power ...LOL... and more interesting part of ur hand touch on the glass another hand touch on the light. the light will light on! so amazing....

I also saw a lot of common knowledge....another thing that grab my attention is the floating 3D object ....damn cool... after that i just get to know is not projector.they only use mirror to reflect the object so it look 3D...awesome!!! after a while i see cool thing...which i dunno what it's called already.. it's a machine that when people carry sands. you know how it's work? that machine only need petro"tekanan" to push move that heavy thing to carry sand !!! i didnt get to play with that machine because a group of malays girls play long times at there =.='''' grrrrr.....then i cant wait already so i continue to look around~~~

i saw a lot of imformation and education about petroleum and how petroleum form. oh after a while i come to a section where got many big projector project on's like a screen saver but after i go near it's a interactive and it's cool...haha...seriously don't know how they make;s detect shadow i think...cause the object will fall following the shadow on the screen.

We also stop by a counter where this is a person who explain to us how ppl generate electric by using water and winds. And how to use software to make a robort move. after that we go into a helicopter..and watch a video about petroleum and go into another section which all is about how petroleum generate...and all the process.

deal to times problem...we missed the spaceship that part!!! omgggggg..... =.=''''' i wan to see that part....dont even know can go up the staircase....grrr....but anyway that field trip really learn a lot of things and quite fun...XD

3D modeling-WallE

long times didnt update my blog so here is my latest so latest also la 3D modeling -wallE poster by using lightwave~~~

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

0_0 ki siao day~~~

After the motion graphic , justin, joshua and his GF we went to ss15 for lunch..LOL....after lunch we go bck to pyramid and go tony roma's for assigment...and WTF now i'm still at pyramid- ....the main purpose is to complete the design method 3 report...and wow i really spend 7 hour to write it...T.T now damn tired..the eyes so dry...arrrhhhhhh....BTW my laptop is so SUCK!!! can even do modeling coz it's will start to lag gao gao.....sien to complete my ass oh!!!~~~ so many thing to do ar...dun wan laaaaaaa T.T

i wan go back home sleep gao gao 1st....tired die....

******* still wait joshua to complete his report....LOL....

lalalalala....wan ki siao niao.... :(

my dinner is 1 cup of mocha =.=''' hungry + sleepy....>.<

my life will continue like that until the day i DIE...hahaha....

ok la stop here...since long times no update just to update myself a bit...LOL

Friday, May 22, 2009

motion graphic-Style frame

so this is my style frame which i refine to sketchy style.
i use 2 kind of type face only where make it look more sketch and writing.

*p/s: i will change the background!

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Support 60 earth hour on 28th March 2009 @ 8.30pm, "Turn off your lights"

Join This movement today!!!

Love our earth....and stop global warming!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Photography Final project-city night with lights and buildings

User testing -The ship

Give a rating from 1 to 5 for each statement:
1 = Strongly disagree
2 =Disagree
3 = Neutral
4 = Agree
5 = Strongly Agree


1. The homepage is attractive.
2. The overall's site is attractive.
3. The site's graphics are pleasing.
4. The site has a good balance of graphics versus text.
5. The colors used throughout the site are attractive.
6. The typography (lettering, headings, titles) is attractive.
7. The homepage's content makes me want to explore the site further.
8. It is easy to find my way around the site.
9. Information is easy to read.
10. Screens have the right amount of information.
11. The site effectively communicates the company's identity.
12. The site's content would keep me coming back.
13. The site is well-suited to first-time visitors.
14. The site is well-suited to repeat visitors.
15. It is fun to explore the site.

* other comment just write here...THX u...

Saturday, February 28, 2009

video shooting day-lucky day.

last friday we go for our video shooting which is about embalming...well that day we going to do our back up plan becoz of no quite a lucky that day...and i dun wan to talk to much about it...i'm expecting this video is going to be nice..... so here to share some photo we take...

Friday, January 23, 2009

Shoot gao gao~~~

Yesterday go kl shooting with "Bear" -Justin and "Bunny"- Joshua ....wahahaha!!!!
We go KlCC and walk around there to take picture....
so i'm here to share it....

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Web analysis

Project Concept Proposal
Project definition
This project is about redesign the website of the client, The Ship resturants .the layout of the website and the design can be improve.The typography and contains are too messy.
Current Site’s Analysis Goals
The layout and the imformation are too messy ,need more organize. website look cheap.
Photo choice can be improve(low quality).website color not suitable.

Client’s Analysis
Mr.Hoo Hee Hon the founder. Where they "using the best steak in town" as the selling point and the unique exterior of their restaurants resemble an almost life-size hull of a ship, and on stepping inside one will be impressed with the timely recreated likeness of a sea-going vessel.

Complementing the theme is service provided by captains and crews in maritime uniform. Such is the attraction of The Ship that it is common for foreign visitors of the country to seek its whereabouts. The Ship has, by word of mouth , contributed in making Malaysia a popular tourist destination.

Short & Long-term Site Goals
Some information can be unchanged, such as history, about us. However, promotions and news update required to make it bigger to attract customer. So user able to know what is the latest or happening on it. In order to increase the business value, the imformation and layout need to be more neat and clear.

Target Audience
more to business man , family and other that can affort and steak lover.